Changes Log:
10/18/2012 Updated
Added Restore backup images
Added Func to save Width and Height
Changed Check point to always backup before resize
Changed Minor interface revamp
Changed Increase buffer size
Fixed You can no longer resize without width or height specified

10/14/2012 Updated
Changed Interface redesigned and renamed Supersize Me! to Imgx.
Changed Limit resize to 2mb per images
Changed Cap out images at 1600x1600 pixels and prevent users from going beyond
Changed Multiple filter groups such as "All ".png|.jpg|.bmp|.tiff"
Added Preserve images aspect ratio - assumes that if a height and width are
inputted then the user does not want an image bigger than either of
those numbers. Aspect Ratio and Stretch are taken into account if required
however the image will never be bigger in either dimension than what was
Added Images integrity - prevent deformity
Added Pseudo access check
Added Check order for photos before backing up. If no photos, cancel backup
Added Ctrl-Shift-F9 will directly open path to current order (Easter Egg!)
Removed Search and resize no longer open path to order

10/12/2012 Updated
Changed Remove affix to name after resized
Added Check point prior resizing for backup
Added bit to bit comparison after backup - verification.

10/10/2012 Initial Release
Initial Release Back up and resize image on server.

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